Welcome to the new Valheim support page!

October 3, 2023

In this section, you will find various forms to help you out with feedback you might have for Valheim. For the time being, we have a form for suggesting corrections to the translations of the game, as well as forms for general feedback on the game (one for the live branch and one for the Public Test Branch).

If you want to leave suggestions for new features, we do still prefer that you leave these in our Discord server, as the feedback forms are intended only for feedback on what is already in the game. As for reporting bugs, please do so on our official bug tracker.

Soon, you will also see various articles here where we walk you through the process of solving common issues.



Valheim is still growing, and the community is an important part of the development. Join the fanbase by following our social channels, joining our Discord, or signing up for our official newsletter.

Public Test

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